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About Me

I am fascinated by the deep connection people have with their jewelry; there is nothing else with which we adorn ourselves that becomes part of us in quite the same way that jewelry does. I strive to make pieces as unique and beautifully flawed as the people who will one day choose to wear them.

My aesthetic is rustic contemporary, and I want my jewelry to look as if it could have been made two days or two thousand years ago. For that reason I carve, pour, forge, roll or cast my pieces from start to finish, relying on age-old methods instead of modern technology. In my work you will see the merging of ancient and modern, rustic and refined, but always with the perfectly imperfect feel of the human hand left upon it. 

I source my gems and metals from only the most established and reputable vendors, ensuring that my work is as high quality and environmentally friendly as it can be. Excepting moissanite and sea glass, all of my gems are natural and earth-mined, with any known treatments disclosed. 

While I have my BFA in Studio Art (painting), I've been very lucky to have visual art as part of my life since I was a child. Almost as important as my formal education was the one I received from my grandmother, Maryclaire O’Dea. She is a gifted artist and silversmith, and taught art for over 40 years. I spent my summers in Maine with her, and she was my first and most important artistic influence.